Background Information


Background Information and Founding Members

Founded in January 2015, China Hong Kong Young Innovative Entrepreneur Association Limited is a registered non-profit organisation in Hong Kong set up by a group of young people from China and Hong Kong, and public-spirited entrepreneurs and professionals. We provide services to young people to pursue their entrepreneurial dream.


Our Mission

“Achieving your entrepreneurial dream with innovative thinking” is the belief of China Hong Kong Young Innovative Entrepreneur Association Limited. Our aim is to serve and safeguard the rights and interests of young entrepreneurs in China and Hong Kong, to build a platform for resources integration, to promote and encourage entrepreneurship, so as to assist young people to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.


Our Service

  • Providing a platform for integration of resources to facilitate communication between young people from China and Hong Kong, to gain a further understanding of the differences in culture and business environment, so as to cooperate with partners with common vision and grasp business opportunities.
  • Providing the latest news on entrepreneurship through delivering instant entrepreneurship-related messages and our wide spectrum of activities to stimulate entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Assisting company start-ups by offering helpful advice on various aspects, such as tax, law and finance.
  • Assisting to search and to refer suitable investors and venture capital funds.
  • Organizing business, law and accounting training courses to enhance competency by improving management efficiency and quality.
  • Inspiring creative ideas of rising generations in order to establish entrepreneurship culture and reveal positive aspects of entrepreneurship.


Our Activities

To achieve all of the above mission and objectives, a wide range of activities will be held to meet and fulfil the needs of our members. Such activities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Seminars and functions for members to share views on the market dynamics of specific industries and to share successful entrepreneurship experiences. Entrepreneurship competitions for members will also be held, to stimulate innovation.
  • Private consultations with our Entrepreneurial Consultancy Services team to provide counselling on business plans, as well as social and recreational activities held by the Consultancy team to better allow network for collaboration with other members, and newsletter publications.
  • An online platform dedicated to allowing efficient communication among all members, publishing current business-related information and featuring outstanding entrepreneurial projects.


Benefits of Membership

All members can participate in our activities, as well as external activities that are co-sponsored by us. Through active participation, members can gain:

  • Understanding of integrated entrepreneurial concepts and ideas that reflect government policies, industries and investors.
  • Meet and collaborate with industry experts and innovative thinkers, exchange experiences, communicate with like-minded individuals and mutually encourage a creative mindset, while establishing future business connections.
  • Consultations with our Entrepreneurial Consultancy Services team, involving industry experts, government professionals, academia individuals acting as business advisers to provide guidance, training and access to other entrepreneurial resources.
  • Leadership and management skills, and access to information in all aspects of the business trade, to enhance individual competitiveness.

Cohesion and mutual progress

China Hong Kong Young Innovative Entrepreneur Association Limited invites all to join our ranks, with the common goal to achieve our mission and objectives.


Contact: Secretariat of the China Hong Kong Young Innovative Entrepreneur Association Limited

Mailing address: 27th Floor, 77-79 Fortis Tower, Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone number: 2877 9266

Fax: 2810 9282

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